Name of project: Trainee program for fresh graduate employment at Szeged Bolero Kft

Project ID: TÁMOP-2.3.4.A- 13/1-2014- 0825

Amount of subsidies: 2.219.165,- HUF

Ratio of subsidies: 100%

Planned completion date: 2015.08.06.


With this tender, our company receives a 100% non-refundable subsidy for the employment of 1 trainee. The employment includes full-time wages and payments as well as the creation of physical prerequisites on the site. Our trainee is employed and schooled as a clothing modeler with the objectives of sewing patterns, serial production and cutting, as well as material related technologies and material behavior in different setups, participation in quality control, cooperation with designers and sewers, cutters. All equipment acquired as part of the project, serve the daily work of the trainee. Primary goal of the project is the fresh-graduate employment at out company.