Livello di vita is a brand that combines elegance and style, incorporating the joy of feminine fashion. Our customers are working women who care about their wardrobe, love to dress in a diversely stylish way.

The own brand of Szeged Bolero Kft. was born in 2002, and since then, the name Livello di vita became synonymous with quality and uniqueness. All our products are crafted with a positive attitude towards life.

We work with our own team of designers and sample tailor shop.

The incredible amount of models each season are all inspired by Livello di vita WOMEN. Successful, driven and confident women from different walks of life, who make every piece complete with their personality. We are proud to cater to this audience looking for quality and constant innovation.

We are especially happy to have plus-size as one of our strengths. Livello products are really popular among curvy women who want to be fashionable and keep up with the trends.

Our Hungarian and international partners can place pre-orders for the upcoming season, based on the manufactured samples. The ready-to- wear products follow the current trends and as a youthful, sporty and elegant choice, have kept their market popularity throughout the years, despite the immense development the brand has gone through.

2015 is another important milestone in the life of Livello di vita.

With the redesign of our appearance, the old elements of the brand received a new look, which helps us convey the values we built so far towards the customers, while also showing that we keep pace with times and are capable to reinvent ourselves and to innovate continuously.

The professional background of more than 20 years gives us solid foundations and a background, built on which the current update opens new dimensions in our lives.

Our goal on the internal market is to expand the existing customer base, and to address a younger target audience with a product line designed specially with their needs in mind.

Key to our success is the satisfaction and trust of our customers.